SD Poker

SD Poker

von Martin Eisele

  • Kategorie: Entertainment
  • Erscheinungsdatum: 2016-05-03
  • Aktuelle Version: 1.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Dateigröße: 32.08 MB
  • Entwickler: Martin Eisele
  • Kompatibilität: Benötigt iOS 10.0 oder neuer.


IMPORTANT! THIS APP IS FOR MAGICIANS ONLY! IT IS BASED ON PIT HARTLING'S EFFECT 'THE POKER FORMULAS' FROM HIS WONDERFUL BOOK 'IN ORDER TO AMAZE' PUBLISHED IN 2016 (PAGE 102). YOU HAVE TO BE FAMILIAR WITH HIS TRICK TO UNDERSTAND/USE THIS APP. IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH IT, YOU SHOULD ORDER HIS BOOK HERE: The App will analyze any stack and tell you when to use SD's in order to receive any poker hand asked for. I refer you to Pit Hartling's book for the general concept. Features: - No internet connection needed Stacks: - Aronson and Tamariz already built in - Up to 10 User-defined stacks can be stored / used Optimizations: - Fewest SD's - 0-SD Rounds - 0-SD's on last Round of Dealing Export Function - Results can be exported and sent by e-mail for further use in different forms Full-House-Coding: - Different Styles on how to indicate the Two-of-a-Kind Continuous Mode - Allows you to continue dealing Poker hands without undoing the last deal. The Programm recalculates the Stack by using the last dealt poker hand. ------------------------ Version 1.1: Stealth-Mode In this mode, the playing cards show the chosen poker hand. The code is secretly hidden inside the playing cards. So the whole presentation can be changed and the iPhone/iPad is only a 'tool' to explain the poker hands, but in reality it helps you to perform the effect. Proximity Shuffle: If the Proximity Sensor of the iPhone is covered in portrait mode (by e.g. the playing cards), the sound of a riffle-shuffle is played. This can be used for the presentation. Disclaimer I have built the app to my best knowledge and it is provided as is without any guarantees or warranty of any kind! If you find a problem / mistake, please let me know and I’ll do my best to fix it. Version 1.1 uses: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vectorized Playing Cards 2.0 - Copyright 2015 - Chris Aguilar - Licensed under LGPL 3 - --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope you have a lot of fun with this App and great performances! Martin Eisele P.S. I’d love to get some Feedback from you under