Otogi: Spirit Agents

Otogi: Spirit Agents

von Mitama Games

  • Kategorie: Games
  • Erscheinungsdatum: 2016-08-17
  • Aktuelle Version: 4.6
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Dateigröße: 328.80 MB
  • Entwickler: Mitama Games
  • Kompatibilität: Benötigt iOS 9.0 oder neuer.
Bewertung: 5
Von 84 Bewertungen


"Help wanted! Calling everyone with spirit essence! Become a spirit agent today!" Um… I just have to read this, right? …Or else I have to go to bed with no dessert? W-wait a minute! I didn't know it was that serious! …Oh! Did we start already? Cough, cough… Ahem! Nice to meet—ouch! I jush biht my tongueh… Hello and nice to meet you. My name's Sola. The Bureau of the Occult has an important announcement to make, so I came to tell everyone in person! You see, the Bureau of the Occult is in a bit of a pickle. We're kind of short-staffed right now… So there's an open call for new spirit agents! I suppose I should start by explaining what a spirit agent is. Here, have a look at this. =================== Disturbances in people's emotions create "evil energy," which in turn leads to highly unusual events that defy logic and reason. Spirit agents are the only ones who can resolve these situations. They have been working behind the scenes throughout history, and continue to do so in the present. Spirit agents partner with entities called "spirits," who have their own independent will… *What the heck kind of spirits are these? You'll never see certain gods, legendary weapons, folklore or famous people in the same light after meeting the lovable spirits that they inspired! The prototypical "psycho girlfriend" Kiyo turns into a dragon, while Titania, the Queen of Fairies, goes to Shibuya in pursuit of the latest trends… They and others come together for a fantastic story like none other! Voice acting by Haruka Tomatsu, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Hiro Shimono and Yu Kobayashi makes the adventure even more exciting! *These spirits will have you coming back for more! Popular Illustrators Hihara You, Kiya Machi, *zoff, Miyoshino, ATARU, Kenichi Iwamoto and others provide the cute, cool and sometimes even slightly sexy character designs! Combat uses 3D models to make everything a little more cute! Who would've thought such cute spirits could be any cuter? Even handsome, manly spirits look cute! And they all come together for totally wild and crazy battles! Choose your favorite spirits and jump in! ==================== That basically sums it up. So, how about it? It might sound like it's all glamor and glitz, but spirit agents aren't celebrities. At the end of the day, their job is to keep people safe. But the sense of accomplishment makes it all worthwhile! Why don't you work with me as a spirit agent? To be honest, I'm actually getting pretty desperate… This is as much for me as it is for you! Please, work with me as a spirit agent so I can pay the bills and put food on the table!



  • Top

    Von PG I Crysen
  • immer noch dabei

    Von DJ_Vocaloyd
    spiele das spiel seit über einem jahr jetzt. und finde es immer noch total toll. vorallem die artworks sind richtig toll gemacht.
  • Love the game nur need help

    Von BamNeugdae
    I love the game since it came out (the old one and new one) but now I want to delete my account and begin with a new one^^ how can I do this?
  • Ayakashi ghost Guild 2

    Von OffStream
    Finally I found it the artwork is great as usual but the fights are new
  • Super Spiel

    Von lemyjr
    Es ist ein Super spiel. Es ist klasse Zeitvertreib bei Wartezeiten und langen Fahrten mit Zug und Bus. Story und Umsetzung sind sehr gut. Freue mich über jedes Event und neu aufkommende inhalte
  • Awesome

    Von KiraWolf14
    This game was make really good. >w< ~ It reminds me of a game that I ones played it was called "Ayakashi : ghost guild" I think that this game is from the same creator of Ayakashi. First I was really sad that Ayakashi didn't exist anymore =^= But then I found this game And I was so happy about it >w< ~~
  • Gutes Spiel aber bitte in Deutsch

    Von Bestes Spiel im App Store
    Bitte in deutsch ansonsten super
  • Super

    Von donnie mon nicht yen
    Tolles spiel da chain chronicles nicht mehr da ist nehmt das spiel sein platz ein und das auch sehr gut super arts/bilder top voice actors/actress niedliche charaktere 👍💕❤️
  • Nice

    Von SwordDrago
    So schön
  • Top!

    Von CruTex
    Seitdem nach langer zeit die Englische version kam hatte ich endlich wieder ein super Spiel zum Zeitvertreib. Das Kampfsystem ist ganz schön animiert und man findet auch schnell in das game rein. Nachdem man dem Spiel etwas zeit gegeben hat kann man Fortschritte sehen, vor allem wenn man eine gute karte aus den Invokern erhält ;) Alles in allem ein sehr gelungenes spiel. Auch ohne zu Zahlen kann man sehr weit kommen, solange man Zeit investiert ^^