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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 2016-09-07
  • Aktuelle Version: 1.3.1
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Discover more about the Bible. The SourceView Bible app is not just a digital version of a printed Bible. It is a fresh, innovative way to take a deeper look at God’s story: what’s been written, who said what, and how its words impact and shape our lives, our work, and our world. READ THE BIBLE IN A FRESH NEW WAY • Four different colors of Biblical text reads dramatically like a script. Color defines source role per book: – Red letters whenever God speaks – Green letters when a lead character speaks – Blue for supporting sources – Black is always The Narrator • In groups, readers can pick a color to read aloud, like taking a part in a dramatic script. • Swipe to the right to see who is speaking. • Scroll through an entire book without the disruption of turning pages or tapping through chapters. • All books and chapters have a calculated read time so you can plan your study accordingly. **We’re excited to launch SourceView in the New Living Translation, a version true to the original languages and easy to read out loud or privately.** START YOUR JOURNEY OF ENDLESS DISCOVERY • Learn things you never knew about the Bible by observing data points that have never been available until now. • See the relative word count of books and chapters and the amount each role played in them. • Look closer at who speaks, the words they used, and to whom they were directed. • Create pie charts, bar charts, and word clouds from information you’re curious about: – Who speaks most in the Bible? – Who said the word “peace” in the Bible? – What professions spoke in the book of Genesis? – Who spoke most in a given time period? – What words does God say to women in the Old Testament? • All visual discoveries point you right back to the Scripture that corresponds to your charts. NAVIGATE THE BIBLE LIKE NEVER BEFORE • Quickly jump to a passage by entering a variety of different reference searches, e.g. J3:16 (verse) or John Jesus 18 (occurrence) • Step backward or forward through screens you have already seen, which is great for jumping around during a sermon or Bible lesson. • View a history of the screens you have seen direct links to key areas in the app, and any personally bookmarked location in Scripture. * Occurrence counts are the number of times a source speaks in a book. John Jesus 18 is the 18th time Jesus spoke in John—similar to lines of a script. GET TO KNOW WHO SPEAKS IN THE BIBLE AND THE ROLE THEY PLAY • See how much a source said and step through each speaking occurrence. • Review who a source spoke to and who spoke to that source. • Jump into any conversation by stepping through what one source says to another. • Learn more about a source's background, like when they live, what they did for work, and what books they speak in. • Gain a deeper understanding of a source's personal character by focusing on the words they used. • Observe how a source's words connect to the seven spheres of society with the Spheres in-app purchase. OBSERVE HOW SCRIPTURE SHAPES A BIBLICAL CHRISTIAN WORLDVIEW Society is shaped by seven spheres of influence. With the Spheres in-app purchase unlocked, you'll be able to make personal observations about how scripture can be used to shape a Biblical Christian worldview. • Read through Scripture with various sphere highlights turned on • Explore key passages for each sphere • Meditate on how a source's words relate to and impact society (Thank you. Your purchase helps us continue doing what we do.) CONNECT WITH SOURCEVIEW » Online » Facebook » Twitter » Help Center Tell us about your SourceView experience:



  • A Great Study Tool

    Von svenstuh
    This new app is an incredible study tool and I am pleased that it is now available to everyone's hand! I am sure this will open a new way of discovering the treasures of the Word of God