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Varahamitra said, “There is no better boat than the horoscope to help a man cross over the sea of life.” Astrosum: Astrosum is an astrology horoscope app that uses your Name, Date of Birth, Birth time and Place of Birth to provide you with accurate Vedic astrology horoscope prediction. Let Astrology prediction be your guide in this journey called life. Check astrology by date of birth. Just ask Astrosum, “Tell my luck ?” and Astrosum will answer it all. Get your complete daily, monthly and yearly online horoscope predictions. Accurate results based on scientific astrology calculations. Know your past life and build your future successful. Astrosum Prediction Services Past Life Prediction: Peek into your past life and see if you are carrying any baggages from the previous life. Use past life prediction to see who you were in your past life, what were your karma and how did you die. Our app will detail you with the past life regression, as it’s base to determine your past life prediction. Future Prediction will not always help you. Wealth Astrology: Wealth Astrology predicts not only your yearly Financial status but also your monthly and daily Financial status. Access Zodiac signs to ease your paths. Health Astrology: Health Astrology is your one stop destination to all your Health related queries. Daily Zodiac Online Horoscope matching will ease your path.Check Today’s horoscope right now. 12 Months Astrology : 12 Months Astrology is your monthly prediction guide. You can look up for astrology and horoscope predictions. Know your future to be sure of what lies ahead. Life Astrology : Life Astrology is your lifetime guide to all the things related to Family, Property & Vehicle, Health, Finance & Profits, Married Life, Emotional Stability, Respect gains & Status etc. Let horoscope prediction be your guide. Astrology horoscope will act as your guide in your life. Career & Profession: Career & Profession become your guide towards choosing a profession that will likely benefit you. Take this Career test right away. Have a look what your astrology horoscope has to say. Ques/Ans Astrology: Do you have a question that no one ever answered? Ques/Ans Astrology will do that job for you. It is just a different yes no tarot. Vivah Sutra - Looking for marriage prediction? Have a compatibility test in our Vivah Sutra. Marriage Horoscope is a must use tool for people getting married as marriage prediction by date of birth will warn you of all shortcomings ahead of time. Partnership Compatibility - Looking for a long term business partnership or wanting to get into the serious relationship? Astrology predictions will help you get the upper hand. Have a compatibility test and prevent yourself from getting stuck. Your zodiac signs have more to say than you have ever known. My Lucky Charms - We all have a lucky charm. There are certain things that will increase the chances of your success. Astrosum will help you with everything that will increase your chances of getting success. Know your suitable letters, days, numbers, Food, etc. Our Astrology prediction wiill help you out. This fortune teller app wil help you out in all means possible. Hourly Prediction - When life offers you a fair pass to learn about your hourly luck, you should never fail to grab it. Know of all the hourly Do’s and Dont’s and be one step ahead of all that’s going to come your way. Let your Zodiac Signs and Astrology predictions do the thinking. Zodiac Horoscope - Tired of flipping through the newspapers to know your daily zodiac horoscope? Say no more, Astrosum offers you a fascinating feature where you can check out what your zodiac signs have to say about you. Leo is a lion, Taurus is a bull, for more keep clicking, keep exploring. Your zodiac signs know everything. Just ask today’s prediction and we will help you out.