Research Angewandte

Research Angewandte

von Department of Digital Arts - University of Applied Arts Vienna


Research Angewandte is an augmented reality exhibition-app that works with the freely available catalogue or with the visuals on the display-walls on-site in context of the exhibition 'Understanding Art & Research' at ADM Gallery in Singapore (19th Nov - 30th Nov 2018). If you don't live in Singapore you can download an online-version of all exhibition image-triggers as PDF at the app support-url for free: After the installation point your mobile device- or tablet-camera at the visuals in the catalogue or at the exhibition-walls to initiate complementary documentation-videos. 'Understanding Art & Research' is a continuous research-collaboration of the University of applied Arts in Vienna / Die Angewandte and the School of Art, Design and Media (ADM) of the Nanyang Technological University, kindly supported by the Austrian Embassy in Singapore. On the basis of a core of sample projects involving artistic research activities at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, the exhibition-app offers an overview of possible positions and illuminates current research perspectives.