Budding Fruits

Budding Fruits

von Tricosoft Systems Limited

  • Kategorie: Lifestyle
  • Erscheinungsdatum: 2019-11-07
  • Aktuelle Version: 1.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Dateigröße: 11.07 MB
  • Entwickler: Tricosoft Systems Limited
  • Kompatibilität: Benötigt iOS 9.0 oder neuer.


Be amazed at how your children respond to the principles of the Budding Fruits app and watch them grow in good attitudes, great behaviour and money mindfulness. The Budding Fruits app enhances the principles of the well known money jar or token economy rewards system to provide an effective and efficient child development environment. For years switched on parents have been using the Money Jar principle (aka token economy system) to develop admirable attitudes, good behaviour and money mindfulness in their children. Each time the child demonstrates good attitudes or behaviour, a token or small monetary reward (say 10 cents) is given to the child, which the child drops into their money jar. (Usually a small glass jar kept in a safe place) When a certain pre-agreed minimum amount is accumulated in the jar, then the child may withdraw some or all of the amount and spend it on a special treat or something of their choice. The money jar works well in the home, but it is impractical for when you are out and about as by the time that you get home, you are likely to have forgotten the deserving things that you wanted to reward your child for. The Budding Fruits app is the answer to this problem, as it is right there on your mobile phone and can be carried with you where ever you are. With the Budding Fruits app you should never miss another opportunity to encourage your children in positive attitudes and behaviour, and they learn money wisdom at the same time. Another great thing about the Budding Fruits app is that it can be used as a score board, so instead of accumulating money it can accumulate points. This is great for younger children, so that when a set amount of points is accumulated the child gets a pre-agreed special treat, such as going to their favorite restaurant. And the icing on the cake is that when your children are old enough to have their own device, they can have their own version of the app also so they can be further encouraged by keeping track of their progress. To see our Terms of Use, please go: https://www.buddingfruits.com/page/terms-conditions-and-privacy/