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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 2009-10-12
  • Aktuelle Version: 9.38
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Learn Chinese with an amazing dictionary (plus OCR) and flash card system. trainchinese will teach you Chinese, with a free and complete dictionary, thousands of vocab lists, example sentences, audio recordings, measure words, character animations and Optical Character Recognition — not to mention a powerful flash card training system that even includes handwriting training! • Our dictionary prioritises commonly-used words and phrases above the obscure and obsolete, while example sentences and measure words (classifiers) provide crucial context to help you decide which Chinese word is the most appropriate translation. Other dictionaries just leave you guessing! • We've got Optical Character Recognition (OCR) too. Spotted some Chinese you can't read? Capture a photo of some Chinese text from a menu, book or sign, and the app identifies and translates the characters for you. • Search for words by part of speech - simply type the abbreviated type followed by a period (.). For example, "ma n." gets you "ma" words that are nouns. • Mistyped a word? Helpful spelling suggestions get you to the right results fast. • Words feature both example sentences and measure words for nouns. It's time to move beyond "个"! And best of all it's all connected: tap examples and measure words to open them as full dictionary entries. • trainchinese is great for students: it includes more than a thousand vocabulary lists covering topics from International Relations to American Football Teams and more. Feel like something's missing? Users often get in touch to ask for lists on the topics they're studying, and we're happy to oblige! You'll also find lists containing HSK-level words (both old and new standards), plus TOCFL lists for students in Taiwan! • Highlight words with your finger for super-fast access to character animations, related searches and more! • Whether you're studying the Simplified (mainland China and Singapore) or Traditional (Hong Kong and Taiwan) variants, we've got you covered! Easily switch between them or choose to display both in dictionary results and on flash cards. Even better, you can use the phonetics you're comfortable with - choose from Pinyin with tone marks, Pinyin with tone numbers or even Zhuyin characters (from the BoPoMoFo system used in Taiwan). • Create flash cards with audio and animation from dictionary entries. Organise them into lists, and share them with friends (or students). • Our Spaced Repetition system ensures you'll memorize words for good. • Train your way: each card is available in four different modes to test different aspects of Chinese study. See Chinese, Pinyin or English and get tested on translation, and even compare your handwriting to a stroke-order animation side-by-side, synchronized! Or if you prefer, there's multiple choice training too (for a real challenge, try it in "Dictation" mode!). • Flash cards are saved on your device and synchronized with, where you can also train with them and find more great content. • Add study notes to your flash cards - they're saved and backed up at Don't forget to check out our other apps (tap our company name in iTunes for more info): - Chinese Writer - Chinese Audio Trainer - My Chinese Library (phrase books) - Pinyin Trainer - Number Trainer



  • Sehr gelungen

    Von Chnad
    Gelungene App, so macht Lernen Spaß! Dazu faire und flexible Zahlungsmodelle. Umsonst auch nutzbar, dann nur 10 neue Vokabeln pro Woche.
  • Simply excellent

    Von Surfing95
    This app helps you learning Chinese in a quite sophisticated way. I found it by coincidence and don't wanna miss it any more. Please also provide an app for windows phone. That would be great.
  • Best program in store

    Von Saza-nami
    Absolutely incredible program! love it! But why is it that the measure words seem to disappear as soon as I add the card to one of my lists? Can I get them back? Please help!
  • Prima

    Von Leftgirl
    Ich lerne selber chinesisch und es ist eine richtige Erleichterung. (: Leider kann man nur 20 Wörter am Tag in die Merk-Karten aufnehmen. Aber es ist kostenlos...deswegen.. Super!
  • Superb

    Von rabattjaeger
    Yes, it is expensive, but worth every penny in my opinion. Best app for learning chinese in the Appstore. If you're serious about learning/studying chinese, this is the app for you. Perfect for memorizing characters/vocabulary. Especially on the go!
  • The best app for learning Chinese

    Von Marek Cichowski
    As Chinese is not like any other language to learn - especially its characters' part - you need a right tool and TC is the right one. The idea of learning Chinese characters through cards is not new but this implementation is unique. Fast progress guaranteed ! It does cost some money but you will get enough value for it.
  • Quick Feedback

    Von Filippochina
    I had a problem with my account. The problem was solved within 1 hour. 5 stars for that.
  • Wunderschones App

    Von tachisj
    So weit hatte ich kein App gesehen, das die Ordnung der Zeichen zeigt. Diesbezüglich unübertrefflich!
  • Very good, but expensive

    Von Trugan
    You can learn only pinyin or also the characters. It remembers which words you know well in brings up accordingly. Very goof, but unfortunately cost some money