Neptunia & Friends

Neptunia & Friends

von Idea Factory International, Inc.

Bewertung: 4.5
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The Neptunia & Friends app brings the Gamindustri Goddesses right to your iOS phone! Not only is this a full alarm clock app to wake you up for any occasion, but also a place where you can dress up and chat with the Goddesses in their kawaii costumes, play a mini-game, and raise the Goddesses’ Love Love Gauge! Chat with your favorite Goddess to receive more Love Love Gauge points - the higher the gauge, the more intimate your chats will get. Shake up your phone and see what kind of reaction your Goddess will display! Maybe you'll even get a kiss...?



  • IOS Update benötigt

    Von Metalseadraking
    Neues IOS killt den nutzen der App. Hätte ich das mal vorher gewusst. Was schade ist, ich mochte die App
  • 👍🏻

    Von AwesomePingas
    10 outta 10 App of the Year
  • Typisch Neptune

    Von Nep Fan
    Ein Must-have fūr alle Hyperdimension Fans. Typische Sprūche von Neptune und Noire, fehlen eigentlich nur noch Blanc, Vert und Vorfällen Plutia ^^
  • :)

    Von Wiesel789
    1. I realy like the artwork of the character! (Good job by the way) 2. I dont know why, but the In-App-Store does not seem to work in my region (sad thing - and I'm from Germany btw) 3. She seems not to like me (but thats my own problem ;D) Greetings! ;D
  • Busterking9

    Von Busterking9
    Diese App hat das was mir bei der anderen Version gefehlt hat. Top!!