Pillow: Smart sleep tracking

Pillow: Smart sleep tracking

von Neybox Digital Ltd.

  • Kategorie: Health & Fitness
  • Erscheinungsdatum: 2014-05-22
  • Aktuelle Version: 3.5.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Dateigröße: 160.40 MB
  • Entwickler: Neybox Digital Ltd.
  • Kompatibilität: Benötigt iOS 10.0 oder neuer.
Bewertung: 4
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Pillow is an advanced sleep tracking alarm clock that can effortlessly measure and track your sleep quality. Wake up refreshed and learn more about the benefits of great sleep. Included in Best New Health & Fitness apps on the App Store. Featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, CTV Canada AM, The Guardian, The Hindu and many more. APPLE WATCH SUPPORT - You can now track you sleep using your Apple Watch. - View last night’s report right on your Apple Watch, along with the heart rate analysis for the night. INTEGRATION WITH APPLE’S HEALTH APP - Automatically adds your sleep duration to the Health app after each sleep session - Visualise inside the app how your sleep quality is affected by a variety of health and fitness metrics including weight, heart rate, blood pressure, caffeine and alcohol consumption, dietary calories and Nike Fuel activity. [Premium Feature] TRACK YOUR SLEEP QUALITY WITH ACCURACY - Advanced sleep analysis algorithm, based on the latest scientific findings in sleep research. - Accurate sleep tracking algorithm that detects both motion and sound patterns. - Detailed sleep stage diagram (Awake, REM, Light Sleep, Deep Sleep) and sleep session statistics. - Heart rate analysis for each sleep session (requires connection with Apple Health) - Detects and analyses naps and short sleeping sessions. - No calibration required. SOUND RECORDINGS - Records sounds during your sleep. - Play, export or delete any audio recording. [Premium feature] - Smart audio recording algorithm, discards noise. OPTIMAL WAKE UP TIME - Pillow monitors your sleep cycles and selects the best possible time to wake you up, just a few minutes before the alarm you have setup. - Adjustable time window for the smart wake up period. SNOOZE LAB [Premium Feature] - Personalized experiments & recommendations. - Constantly updated with the latest scientific research and sleep related facts. - Achievements to keep you motivated. BEAUTIFUL & EASY TO USE UI - Beautifully animated, intuitive gesture based interfaced - Clean iOS8 inspired design. - Easy to access help screens and video guide. DETAILED SLEEP HISTORY TRACKING [Premium feature] - Explore your sleep history with Week,Month,Year and All Time overviews. - Data integration with Apple's Health - M7 & Runkeeper activity data integration: View your physical activity in comparison to your sleep quality. - Discover your sleep profile. DATA BACKUP & SYNC - iCloud support: Pillow uses iCloud to safely backup your sleep data and audio recordings. - Sync your sleep data and audio recordings between your devices. - Connect to your Runkeeper account to automatically update your sleep data and share it with other apps. - Export your database to .csv format. 5 SLEEP TRACKING MODES - Switch between any combination of app functionality: Sleep cycles, Audio recordings and Alarm. 3 POWERNAP MODES [Premium feature] - Select between power, recovery and full cycle nap MOOD REPORTING - Easily enter your mood after each sleep session and see how it relates to your sleep quality SLEEP NOTES - Add your personal notes to every sleep session SLEEP AID MELODIES AND WAKE UP SOUNDS - Carefully selected wake up sounds. - Select any song from your iTunes library to use as wake up sound. [Premium feature] - Sleep aid melodies and ambient soundscapes to help you fall asleep. - Optional vibration settings. 2 ALARM DEACTIVATION MODES - Press and hold to stop - Shake the device for a short period. 3D Touch support - Quick start an alarm - Quick start a nap - View your the diagram of your last recorded sleep session PREMIUM VERSION (available as an in-app purchase) unlocks the following features: - Detailed sleep statistics - Unlimited history - Full access to sound recordings - Powernap modes - Access to all wake-up melodies - Access to all sleep aid programs - Snooze lab: Personalised sleep tips - Wakeup melodies from your iTunes library Web: http://www.neybox.com/pillow Twitter: @neyboxhq



  • Einfach Genial

    Von Wkmaster13
    Top App, kann ich nur weiterempfehlen !!!!
  • German Language please !!! 😊😁

    Von Amunn85
    Please German Language
  • Not reliable

    Von Der Petul
    Alarm clock just disappeared today. Glad I had a backup app to wake me up. Really disappointed. Also in the cases where it works, if I set the clock to 10am, app displays I slept till 7am. Not really accurate.
  • Gut

    Von opimikl
    Sehr gut
  • Smart wake does not work with Apple Watch

    Von tnaro
    I really want robuste this app. I’m coming from over 700 logged nights with sleep cycle and was stoked to see that pillow does not have a premium service model where I have to pay every month, but only once. The good: - The app looks nice - Heart rate monitoring is pretty nice The bad: - smart wake does not work with Apple Watch. And there is an update promised for this nearly 1 YEAR ago (in their support website). This is the feature why I want to use such app man. - it only gathers good data via he watch. If you want to charge the watch over night, basically don’t bother tracking. - besides a small graph, pillow seems to not gather interesting long term sleep data. From what I can see, I can’t even see my average sleep time. But on the other side I’ve yet only trained it on 6 out of the 7 recommended nights, so who knows. Gotta be fair. I will not use the app any more as I don’t get the features I actually paid premium for. It’s a bummer that apps like those are not only really well rated, but also take a long time for the user to figure out that the key function (smart wake up) is for at least 11 month basically broken.
  • Tolle App

    Von Nachtgold
    Der Support reagiert schnell auf Kommentare. Vormals: Nach Displaysperre lässt sich der Timer nicht mehr deaktivieren. Das Hintergrundbild verschwindet und Long-press wird ständig unterbrochen. So kann man nur noch raus in dem man die App abschießt und man alle Daten verliert.
  • Unbrauchbar

    Von M3 Ayhan
    Diese App läuft nur auf chinesisch oder japanisch, und ist somit unbrauchbar für mich, schade.
  • Good but Apple Watch App is a unreliable

    Von Johannes.W
    I really like the app, it’s analysis functions and the quality it has to the usage experience. The only thing (and that’s why it’s not getting 5 stars) is the accompanying Apple Watch app: every now and the in just suddenly starts working. The app launches on the watch, but pressing the big “Start” just doesn’t do anything. The sleep tracking can’t be activated from the Watch. I usually have to go through a series of re-install/force shut down/Watch restart/app re-install cycles before I can use it again. Very frustrating.
  • sleeptracking überraschend gut

    Von timo 101
    Diese App kann mit Hilfe der Apple watch den Schlaf tracken. Dazu muss mann beim ins Bett gehen auf start drücken und beim Aufwachen (mit oder ohne intelligentem Wecker) auf Aufwachen drücken. In die Apple Health App werden dann „im Bett“ und „Schlafend“ eingetragen. Die App zeichnet zusätzlich leichen schlaf, tiefschlaf, REM Phasen oder Wachphasen auf: das ist scheinbar ziemlich zuverlässig, auch wenn ich REM Phasen & Tiefschlaf phasen nicht überprüfen kann... Ich finde es sehr schade, dass diese Daten nicht in die Health App eingetragen werden können, aber ich drücke ganz fest die Daumen für die nächste Apple Keynote im September. Mich stört es nicht, dass die App nicht automatisch schlaf erkennt: sie würde wahrscheinlich meine Vorlesungen als Schlaf erkennen 😂 und viel Strom verbrauchen. À prospros: eine Nacht von 7 Stunden hat meiner AppleWatch series3 etwa 10% akku abgezogen. Ich hoffe man wird bald mit dem nächsten Update Daten Manuell im Nachinein bearbeiten können. Wenn Apple im September 2018 kein eigenes & besseres Sleeptracking vorstellt, werde ich hier bon Pillow die Pro Version kaufen.
  • ist auf Französisch

    Von Leonie.smr
    ich habe die App herunter geladen und soe war direkt auf Französisch eingestellt. bin demzufolge nicht durch die Einrichtung gekommen