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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 2014-08-02
  • Aktuelle Version: 1.04
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Dateigröße: 17.27 MB
  • Entwickler: The Aviation Herald
  • Kompatibilität: Benötigt iOS 7.1 oder neuer.
Bewertung: 4.5
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The Aviation Herald provides coverage of safety relevant incidents and news in air transport category aviation



  • No updates

    Von Niqao
    No interest in paying for an app that is not updated in over a year. You can have the same information on the website for free. If you want to show your support, do it on the website, the app is unfortunately not worth it.
  • Nonsense everywhere - Information HERE

    Von ADHamburg
    When talking about any incidents/accidents in air transport aviation, one is mostly confronted with unqualified information which is only based on heresay, myths and what the respective authors believe, might have happened. This is then sold as solid news and solid analysis by all kinds of newspapers and internet-sources. Not so AVH!!! The Aviation Herald is probably the only publication of it´s kind, that condenses occurrences in air transport aviation into a manageable form and still remains accurate. Furthermore The Aviation Herald is an investigative body that has prompted more than one aviation-authority, responsible for overseeing accident-investigations and formulating regulatory rules, to revise their statements on certain topics. This App for the iPhone is very well organized to work with the informations offered by The Aviation Herald. It is very swift and concise and easy to operate. Mr. Hradecky, please keep up the good work!
  • Inhalt ausgezeichnet

    Von \hc
    Die App selbst läuft mäßig stabil, Offline-Reading nur eingeschränkt möglich; die Kommentar-Policy ist intransparent. Die präsentierten Inhalte sind jedoch sehr gut aufbereitet und interessant.
  • Nice job!

    Von Liam9301
    Thanks to "The Aviation Herald" im updated 24/7 with the latest news in aviation. Especially when you work in aviation, it becomes pretty handy! Love this app! :)
  • Excellent App, easy to use

    Von DUS PD
    Simon is doing a great job with his website. And so is the new App. Easy to navigate thru, flat design reduced to the essentials. But everything is there, what one need for a quick overview, don't really miss any feature. Works excellent and fast. The App is worth every cent, and also a way to support Simon's work.
  • Well done

    Von DUS PD
    AV Herald is an unprecedenced source of information about aviation incidents, that many airliners have bookmarked for good reasons. Actually I bought the App in order to support Simon's fantastic job with his website. But now I'm happy to have the App. Works well, and is one of the Apps, that not simply are a mirror of their homepage, but add true value for use on a mobile device. The App contains all the important features of AVH Home, as are daily reports, fotos - and comments, but is much more compact and comfortable to use, than the browser version would be on a mobile device. Can only recommend the App. I'm aware that my review may sound like advertising. But I can't do much about it, since it is really good stuff. 😀
  • worth the $€

    Von jayel14
    great site, excellent reporting, good app -- worth every support!
  • Best App

    Von Gipfelstürmer2000
    Selectable push notifications would be nice. Regarding crash or Report or incident etc.
  • Wissenswertes aus dem Internet

    Von JörgLei
    Gut wäre ein Filter: Kontinente/Länder/Regionen/Flughafen. Oder Schwere der Ereignisse Auch Push Nachrichten wären dann sinnvoll und hilfreich.
  • It is definitely worth the money!

    Von Jimmy aka Richie aka Prof.
    Greetings from ETNW. Keep up your outstanding good work.