Groove Rider GR-16

Groove Rider GR-16

von Dmitrij Pavlov

  • Kategorie: Music
  • Erscheinungsdatum: 2017-12-23
  • Aktuelle Version: 2.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Dateigröße: 209.03 MB
  • Entwickler: Dmitrij Pavlov
  • Kompatibilität: Benötigt iOS 10.0 oder neuer.
Bewertung: 4.88421
Von 95 Bewertungen


Our users will tell better than us: "A really good groove box, so easy to get beats and hooks going in moments and the sound is just stunning!" - App Store review "Well this is something special I can tell you, so much has gone into this and many people are going to just love this" - thesoundtestroom "Lots of preinstalled sounds, effects and the usability is there. It allows you to be as creative as you like with no need for the numerous sub-menus you find on other software" - App Store review "This is a very well thought out and inspirational app. It goes much further than just electronic dance music... Highly recommended!" - App Store review "Where has this been my whole life!... Gorgeous, user friendly, simple and sonically vibrant" - App Store review ------- Groove Rider GR-16 is a professional step-sequenced groove box, inspired by professional hardware drum machines and rhythm boxes. It has a powerful Poison-202 based two oscillator synthesizer engine, plus a big variety of included PCM drum samples, insert/send/master effects, arpeggiator, automation recording, modulator, ADSR and filter block, and more! Built-in factory pattern library includes patterns in different music styles, which will inspire you (the list will be appended with the regular updates). Check out the patterns demo video: One remarkable feature of GR-16 is that all the controls are arranged on one screen, just like on a real groove box device! It lets you access almost all useful parameters from the one screen. Forget about numerous sub-windows and dialogs, which ruined your inspiration in another musical apps! Groove Rider is the fastest path from your imagination to reality! You can use GR-16 as a ready-to-go realtime musical instrument (groove box) in your jam sessions together with Ableton Link feature to synchronize it with your other music gear. Groove Rider is also very handy for quickly sketching your musical ideas, allowing you to instantly record them directly by using the Record function. Making music becomes easy and fun, in contrast with boring note drawing process and dealing with tons of files and expensive plugins in the DAW's! Don't loose your inspiration, boost it up with Groove Rider! Features: • supports Ableton Link, AUv3 (can be hosted as Audio Unit), AudioBus, AudioShare, Inter-App Audio, Core Midi, Virtual Midi In/Out, Bluetooth Midi, Midi Clock sync • synth engine is Poison-202 based: 2 oscillators, 5 waveforms (Saw, Pulse, Sine, Triangle and Super-Saw) • synth oscillator modulation types: Ring, Sync, PW and XFM • 83 available oscillator configurations • WaveTable synthesis with ability to import user wavetables (Serum .wav format supported) • Filter module with LP, BP, HP, Notch type filters, 12 and 24 dB/octave • ADSR envelope, assignable to Amp and Filter • Modulator module with 9 LFO shapes x 6 destinations (Pitch, Filter, Level, Pan, Osc Edit, IFX Edit) • portamento • polyphony up to 32 voices • 16 sounding parts per pattern • 16 steps x 8 bars per each part • each step consist of up to 4 voices (notes) • each step can be time shifted forward/backward a fractional value • strokes for each step (to play several notes at one step) • step trigger conditions for each note • 12 send effect types, one send effect per pattern • 22 master effect types, one master effect per pattern • 34 insert effect types, one insert effect per each part • master Limiter • Arpeggiator with 6 modes and 50 rhythm patterns • Scale play mode with 36 different scales to select from • Chords and Notes play mode • 30+ different midi groove templates • 116 microtonal scales • Song mode • store up to 256 user patterns • import & export user patterns and banks via share sheet • pattern audio export in 16, 24 and 32 bit wav format • Ableton Live Set export • 29 interface skins Guide: Website:



  • The BEST GROOVEBOX on IOS .. 🙏🏻

    Von tahtamis
    Since auv3 multiout I use it everyday .. 🤪 The ONLY thing I miss ..🤗 .. is a PATTERNSET of 16 patterns, wich you can launch via midi .. 🙏🏻please .. give it a PATTERNSET .. JIM AUDIO ROCKS 💥🔊💥🔊💥
  • Great app

    Von nocft
    To get the best of this app before anything, read the manual, trust me you will not regret it
  • The Drum app!

    Von Passi1308
    Getting better every time. Great developer!
  • Класс!

    Von Kkkmusik
    Хорошая программа, можно ею заменить Arturia Beatstep Pro, но как я понял только один канал по миди можно передовать, а для железа этого маловато. Дмитрий, будет ли улучшение в этом плане? P.S. Спасибо за ответ! Претензий больше нет. Поменял свою оценку на пять звёзд :)
  • perfekt ! und nach 2 jahren auv3 unterstützung kostenlos dazu !

    Von salono
    großartige groovebox die durch das neue update noch besser geworden ist. konkurrenzlos gut ! danke an den entwickler 👍👍👍
  • Best groove box. A software Electribe

    Von Stark F.
    It looks like the UI is heavily based on Korg Electribe 2 hardware groove box. And it is a great thing, since the Electribe is the best hardware groove box and Groove Rider is a perfect software implementation of it. Korg should hire Jim, seriously.
  • Vielseitigste Groovebox-App!

    Von tani2020
    Super App! Bietet Funktionen, die der Korg Electribe noch fehlen (z.B. Slice- und Mixer-Funktion). Daher benutze ich sie manchmal als Ergänzung zu meiner Electribe 2 S. Auch toll ist die Funktion des Midi-Learn! Ich würde mir noch wünschen, dass Midi-Learn auch beim Mixer funktioniert. Die App ist den Download auf jeden Fall wert und in Verbindung mit Midi-Controllern ein echtes Musikinstrument!
  • Best all-round groove-box app, it‘s serious

    Von IvoFX
    For me Grooverider is the only app I can see myself working with longterm, producing useful music rather than toying around. It takes the hardware groovebox concept and improves it to the point where it is actually better than many of it's hardware counterparts. The sequencer-workflow is getting so many things right, I love the sequencing, the immediacy, the wavetable feature and the Master effects. I bow down to Jimaudio for the great interface design and the great manual, it has been a joy to read through. Here are some features I like in particular: - Can loop individual bars - Ratcheting and trig-conditions - Step-jump can be re-synced to original "bar-phase" - Records arpeggiator notes - Mute states and automation can be overwritten in song mode - Can render song/stems - Good editing of automation inside the piano-roll - Sample-slicing - Can load custom wavetables One limitation is that samples are always loaded in Mono, but I can live with that. I have recorded a few jams that turned out really great already.
  • Andere Qualität vom Entwickler gewohnt.

    Von Christaylershow
    Eigentlich ne geile Groovebox. Nur auf dem IPhone XR unbrauchbar das es nur knackt. Audio Probleme. Bitte beheben... dann 5 Sterne
  • wirklich fantastisch diese Groovebox

    Von appitastisch
    Hammer Sound und das groovt Danke Jungs... tip top